Another Sunday, Another PostSecret Post

I do have a real blog post coming but I keep getting lazy and writing like 3 sentences then doing other things like watching “Bones” or playing with Zoe.  Oops.  But now I’m all done with “Bones” so I guess I don’t have an excuse.  Jay, my work friend Josh, and I went to see Kaki King play at Cat’s Cradle in Carrboro the other night.  All I can really say is, “Damn.  She’s talented.”  Jay’s got all the pictures and videos on his computer, so he’ll post them up on Facebook and all that jazz.  Seriously though if Kaki King ever comes around to your area and you’re musically inclined, totally check her out.  I spent yesterday and today laying out in the sun by the pool to prepare for summer. Woot!

Anyways, it’s Sunday and that means I checked out PostSecret.  This postcard made me laugh heartily:


‘Nuff said.

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