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Let’s Talk About the PostSecret Murder Confession Scandal

Did anyone else hear about this PostSecret “murder confession” scandal that blew up yesterday?  Man, I used to eagerly check PostSecret every Sunday.  I even put a bunch of on here from time to time.  Over the past few years, … Continue reading

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a moment

I’m having a moment.  The emotional impact of this entire year has started to really hit me this weekend.  Such a year filled with so many obstacles and so much loss.  Everything was perfect in 2011; what happened?  So much … Continue reading

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Another Way?

Comic-Con 2012 posts coming soon; I just needed a day to decompress since it’s been a very hectic 24 hours.  First day at the new job was great.  I think it’s going to be a good fit for me and … Continue reading

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It’s my Facebook & I’ll use whatever picture I want to…

To Person Who Wrote This PostSecret, Do you keep the most recent picture of yourself as your Facebook profile picture or do you keep the most flattering picture of you up?  It really bugs me when people act pretentious about … Continue reading

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Maybe it just doesn’t matter

I saw this postcard on this week’s PostSecret and it made me think.  I always thought that the “meaning of life,” while at its core a very noble thing, was tied into each of our individual purpose.  I needed to … Continue reading

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Totally, 100% agree with both of these PostSecrets from this week, especially the second one.  I have been saying the same exact thing for years.  The first one, well, I had hit a pretty big low after I graduated college … Continue reading

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Internet Killed the Printed Word Book

Since Borders Books has filed Chapter 11, I found out the other day that my beloved store near work is closing within the next few months.  I’m pretty bummed that the Internet has killed print, to be honest.  I’ve downloaded … Continue reading

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PostSecret Causing Harry Potter Trouble?

Shit. This is going to be a scandal, isn’t it? As a long time PostSecret reader (at least since 2007, if not earlier), I’ve seen these types of postcards get picked up by the media sometimes.  I’ve also seen the … Continue reading

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Life’s Like an Hourglass Glued to the Table

I promise I have been working on a real actual blog post (actually 2 of them) since last Thursday but with going home to NY this past weekend and then a new girl started at work yesterday and we had … Continue reading

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Another Sunday, Another PostSecret Post

I do have a real blog post coming but I keep getting lazy and writing like 3 sentences then doing other things like watching “Bones” or playing with Zoe.  Oops.  But now I’m all done with “Bones” so I guess … Continue reading

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