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I wrote about this ages ago but I TOTALLY FORGOT that there was a new Sweet Valley book coming out!  Or rather, it came out yesterday.  Sweet Valley Confidential takes place 10 years after Sweet Valley Highended so Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield are now 27 years old and “bitterly estranged” now.  Scandelous!  I want to run out and buy it but at the same time, I don’t know if I want to risk anything ruining how much I love those books back in the day.

I read every single Sweet Valley High (including Super Editions, Super Thrillers, etc.), Sweet Valley Teen(also including Super Editions, Super Chillers Magna Editions, etc), Sweet Valley University, The Unicorn Club, and most of the Sweet Valley Twins (I got a little old for them after a while) books.  I know there were others but they started after I had outgrown the series in general.

Honestly, the Sweet Valley, the Babysitter Club, and all the Nancy Drew books were my jam growing up.  Reading those books were what inspired me to want to be a writer.  I wanted to create worlds of my own just like that because I loved them so much.  Maybe I should reread them all now that I have thus far failed miserably at that part of my life’s aspirations, haha.  [Side note: Someone should just pay me to be an idea man. I have like 4 or 5 ideas that I think are decent with little outlines but get lost whenever I try to expand it into actual story.  I’ll work for cheap…Ah, well.]

Getting back on track, am I the only person who is squeeing a little bit at even the prospect of being able to get back into the wonderful world of Wakefield?  Should I even bother to go back or should I just leave it to fond memory?

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