Media Junkyard Celebrate April Fool’s Day

So a week or so ago, one Chris Kolk approached me with a proposal:

Kolkie: So next week we’re doing a super secret April Fools episode of the podcast and we just had someone bail to be Boston.  I know that it’s the monday after the batchelorette party which is why we didn’t ask you but now we’re in a jam
Me: Okay, give me details
Kolkie: We don’t appear on the show until listener feedback in which case we’re E-mail/ and calling etc.,  You would get the mystery slot segment.
Me: haha that’s really clever
Kolkie: So you can talk about ANYTHING you want. but just remember you’re Boston lol.

I was hesitant because of the no sleep thing but the honor and idea of being asked to play one of the funniest people in podcasting was too alluring for me.  I figured, “Sure, what the heck?  If I freeze up and get nervous and feel stupid, I can always just throw a couple ‘Go f*ck yourself’ in there.”  IT WAS A BLAST to work with Tim, Alirio, and Cory.  Seriously, they waaaaaay outdid me.  Every single time one of them opened their mouths to talk, I had to mute my Skype because I was laughing so hard.  Alirio has Rob’s inflection to a T, Tim was beyond fantastic capturing every single detail of Robin, and Cory nailed every Kolkie phrase and tone-of-voice.  I am so honored to be included among such talented individuals.

So thank you so much to Rob, Chris, Robin, and Chris for including me in such a fantastic concept and podcast.  I had such a blast playing with you boys and I was honored for the opportunity to cuss my brains out under someone else’s name 😉

Check it out on iTunes or here:

P.S. This was especially meaningful for me to do this because 4 years ago MetroBuzz did our own little April Fool’s joke when Jay & Jack recorded an intro for us to fool people into thinking they were listening to the Lost Podcast with Jay & Jack instead of MetroBuzz and it was the very first time that I ever interacted with Jay!  I think that was recorded March 29, 2007, almost 4 years to the day that we recorded this podcast (March 28, 2011), only I was the one being someone else 😛  Ah, how fun things are when they all come back around!

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