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The Spirit of The Vagina Monologues

“Vagina is a dirty word culturally. Penis you can say as many times as you want but vagina’s a bad word.” –Grey’s Anatomy writer Krista Vernoff on the podcast 1/19/07 So, it’s Valentine’s Day & I’m feeling down. Why? Not … Continue reading

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Extremely hetero survey stolen from Eddie when I SHOULD be sleeping.

1. WHAT DOES YOUR MYSPACE NAME MEAN? Uh, what do you WANT my MySpace name to mean? 2. WHERE WAS YOUR DEFAULT PICTURE TAKEN? Party in Eddie’s kitchen April of senior year. Ah, to live 12 feet away & only … Continue reading

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The Angri-Storey Party Story

Alright! So last Thurs. (Jan. 18), I made my way up to Potown for the big Angrisani-Storey 21st birthday gala. I got up there around 6:30ish & made a beeline for the Palace. I miss that glorious diner goodness. Being … Continue reading

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Still seeking my source for some definitive

It’s hard to believe that it’s Dec. 20 already. It does NOT feel like Christmas is 5 days away AT ALL. I realized this last week & figured out why: For the last 17 years of my life, Christmas time … Continue reading

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SoCal is where my mind states

California in a few hours! I don’t think I officially explained this:Tricia’s moving back to Coram while Clayton’s finishing his last 6 months stationed in Japan. Sooooo I’m flying out there & then we’re driving back across country with her … Continue reading

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I hope that my sanity covers the cost

Finally the new Damine Rice CD is out on Tues, Nov. 14. You can preview 3 tracks at or stream the album/special features at his website. Fantastic. Oh, P.S. Neil Patrick Harris is gay. I’m not sure what relevance … Continue reading

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Oohhh they wanna dance with somebody

Julia & I went up to Marist this weekend to see And Then There Were None(as did Courtney & Julie). It was strange to sit in the Nelly Goletti & NOT have to worry about anything. At all. I haven’t … Continue reading

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You Know How I Know Phil’s Gay?

Heyyyyy let’s play the “You Know How I Know Phil is Gay” game! I’ll go first!! “You know how I know Phil’s gay?” “How?” “He sings Sarah McLachlan to himself when he’s in the tanning salon alone.” *Thanks to Beth … Continue reading

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Soooo who’s havin’ a Halloween party?

I just finished day 6 out of an 8 day work stretch. I know there are a lot worse jobs out there, but I’m just so sick & tired of being there and not having a real job that I’m … Continue reading

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Caught a train to Poughkeepsie & time stood still

So alumni weekend was fabulous. It was great to be back in Potown & see everyone; it was just what I needed. Went up on Friday afternoon & met up with Pookie (Amanda) & Gar (Sarah) at Culinary for a … Continue reading

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