My parents & I are taking our beloved 10-year-old family dog Strider to a doggie cardiologist at 9am because he’s having some issues with heart failure & has been breathing incredibly laboredly the last few days.  He’s on lots of meds right now to try to drain the fluid from his lungs and I am beyond upset to see him go through all of this – I was crying so badly when my parents filled me in that I half-paid attention to the first 20 minutes of Lost.  Yeah, I’m an overemotional human being. It’s 1am Thursday morning right now, but Wednesday started with a very sad funeral and ended with news of my dog’s status as mortal. Mixed in was my sad feelings about my last day of work and a phone call from Brian that he was canceling our plans to see The Daily Show on February 9, which I had been looking forward to for months. Oh well, I’m sure karma’s doing this to me & I can’t complain, just be…whatever. I didn’t really like today very much.  I don’t know if I’ll be sharing any more details or not about Strider’s condition.  It makes me upset even typing about it now & the last 40 minutes of Lost cheered my spirits.  Hey Jin! Hey Rousseau! Wud up sluts?

This cracks me up.  It’s being going around since Monday but I’m thinking about adding it to my “I Have a 10 Hour Drive to Raleigh, NC” playlist next week.  Please tell me you love it.  Jay, Robin & Chris enjoyed it. It’s Christian Bale’s tirade against the Director of Photography on the set of “Terminator: Salvation,” but remixed a bit.

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