I Stayed Up for 25 Hours to Get P’wned By Jorge Garcia

After planning this from October 2008, Jay & Jack’s 25 Hour Marathon Podcast for Autism Speaks was finally this past weekend.  It was awesome.  We were aiming to raise $10,000 by April 20, but we managed to raise more than $12,000 for Autism Speaks by the end of the 25 hours!

Anyways, we had a lot of fellow podcasters and listeners come to Raleigh to hang out and get us through the entire 25 hours.  I really cannot wait for Comic Con 2009 or for next year’s event.  Here’s a picture from the end of the 25 hours.  We started at 5pm on Saturday and finished up at 6pm Sunday night.  Can you say exhausted?


So at about 2pm on Sunday, when we were in the home stretch, Jorge Garcia (Hurley on Lost) came on and kicked ass for 3.5 hours.  Except for when I got totally p’wned:

D’oh! 😛

Donations are still coming in, via check to PO Box 40082 Raleigh, NC 27629 (made out to Autism Speaks) or via PayPal, by sending money to the email address LPDonate@gmail.com (we’ll have PayPal send us a check for the final total and then we send that check, along with the other checks, to Autism Speaks).

Thank you to everyone who came in person (I’m sorry if I left anyone out) and everyone who tuned into the live feed, whether it was for 5 minutes, an hour, 12 hours, or all 25 hours. Thanks Jana for keeping the riff-raff out of the chat room. Thanks Chris, Rob, Chris the Bostonian Banhammer, Jessica, Alirio, Sue, Robin, Mandy, Tommy, Michael, Daniel & his wife, Mark & his girlfriend, Allison & her friend, Elizabeth & the man in the Dharmalars shirt whose name escapes me right now (I’m sorry!)

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