Almost time for LA X

So Jay & Clif left today for Hawaii.  They met up with Jack & Jay’s mom in LA(coughspacecough)X and everyone just set sail (flight) for Honolulu Airport.  They won’t land until 3:45am EST but that’s okay because I have to wait until midnight EST to record ChuckCast with special guest host Ralph!

Anyways. I already am almost packed for Hawaii even though I have to work so I don’t get to go until Thursday.  All that’s left to pack are my jacket, some bras, and my sneakers.  Then I am good to go!  I even sent Jay with all my toiletries, like mousse, a toothbrush, and contact solution.  I wasn’t playing around.  I’m prepared this time.  Only 4 pairs of shoes: flats, sandals, sneakers, and dress scandals.  Again, I mean business.

It’s been one of those really stressful weeks, starting last Wednesday.  However, I swam a mile today for the first time!  When I started swimming on November 1, I wasn’t very strong and barely made it to a quarter of a mile but I had a goal to swim one mile by the time I went to Hawaii and tonight, I finally did it!  I’m very proud of myself and even had a beer to celebrate (we gave up beer for the month of January in order to try to lose weight for Hawaii).

Ahh, that’s it for now.  More later and from Hawaii later this week.

Also, I want this:



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