2010’s awesomeness has extended to September

So what could make 2010 even more awesome?!  LADY GAGA IS COMING TO RALEIGH!! Yayyy!!  [List of tour dates here].  For the record, I am excited. And she’s coming on a Sunday which means that I won’t have to worry about the post-work traffic drama to get there in time.  AND she’s going to be at the RBC Center, which is a 3 minute drive from where we live.  HOLLER.

Jay, Clif & I watched “Up in the Air” last night. Clif and I liked it a lot; Jay said he liked it too but found it sorta depressing.  I’d definitely say it’s worth checking out.  Jay & I went to see “Cop Out” on Saturday, which was really funny.  Tracy Morgan is hilarious.  I’m glad he got off of SNL where comedy goes to die lately.

Anyways. 5 more days til people start arriving in Raleigh for Jay and Jack’s 30-hour Podcast for Autism Speaks.  We’re having a joint birthday/engagement party Friday night, most likely at Buffalo Brothers, which wasn’t my first choice (it’s not as fun as last year’s Flying Saucer) but it IS super close to the hotel and since we didn’t know when people would be rolling into town or what people’s car situations are going to be, we figured it was probably best to have it somewhere close to the hotel.  It’ll be fun though – I promise – because everyone will be together and because there will be beer.  I’m nervous that there won’t be a lot of room or people won’t have fun but I always get anxious before I host something because I always want people to have a good time.

Finally, we are super close to locking down a date for the wedding.  We are down to two places for the reception hall, both of which have this date open and they’ll hold it until April 3 when we go look at them (I’ve been to both already for previous things so I know what each looks like), so things are settled on that end. We just need to hear back from our priest to make sure he’ll hold the date without us having to meet with him ahead of time.  Fingers crossed.

Okay, back to work. I’ve had heartburn and a terrible stomachache since Saturday night so I’m going to go back to chugging liters of water at a time.

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