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Last Tuesday night, Jay, Zoe and I decorated the apartment for Christmas.  I know that I absolutely hate the cold weather, but I also absolutely love Christmas time.  Tonight, as Jay, Clif and I were eating dinner, I was looking around at the apartment and at all of our wonderful Christmas decorations and I just had such a nice, warm feeling wash over me.  Whether it’s my parents house in Ridge, my Grandparents’ home in Syosset, or my apartment in Raleigh, I could sit by a fireplace, staring at Christmas lights and Santa decorations all night long and just be content.  I’ve actually made peace with different things in life while doing just that.

Anyways, it was important to me that we get to enjoy Christmas decorations and the Christmas spirit for as long as possible and I’m so pleased with our the apartment came out.  If you’d like to see pictures (and there’s like 15 of them so I’m not going to make you see them all on the main page), find them after the jump!

Setting the tree up:


Zoe watches as Jay puts the star up.


The first ornament on the tree was once again a Ghostbusters’ one (Ecto 1).


Zoe dressed up for Christmas.  Lots of boxes of Christmas decorations behind us.


More tree decorating:


Eying the ornaments under the tree with ill-intentions!


The stockings that are hung by the chimney with care 🙂


Final touches on the tree!


A big thank you to my wonderful mom for this awesome table piece we have now:


Oh, and now it’s all lit up:


This train works.  It belonged to Jay’s great-aunt.


Ambiance, take one.


Ambiance, take two with Zoe watching this time.


With the flash on:


As previously seen, Zoe in her new spot underneath the tree.  I took video of her playing with the ornament she knocked down but I need to edit it in iMovie and export it to be smaller.


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