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As promised…

I said my next post would be happier.  Jay’s out doing some Magic the Gathering crap yet again (woo-hoo exciting Friday!) BUT I’m not going to whine again.  I had a few things to share, each completely random and not related whatsoever. First, this really cool (I think) picture of a glacier that looks like […]

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Boring Tuesday Night

Big sigh.  Jay’s playing Magic the Gathering tonight, so I’m bored.  I’m in one of those bored moods where I can’t concentrate on one thing.  I tried watching the State of the Union address but couldn’t focus.  Then I watched this week’s Castle and House of Lies, but my mind kept straying because I was […]

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Apollo bars, A-schmollo bars.

Oh look, a bonus post.  These usually happen when I am bursting at the seams to share something or I’m cranky & need a forum to bitch to.  Lucky for the 10 of you out there reading this, it’s the second one.  Apparently it’s also an opinion that I may be in the minority having.  So […]

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Chatty Monday

Oh, Monday.  I have such a love/hate relationship with Mondays.  I hate them because it means the start of another work week, but I love them because they tend to be the “quietest” day of my week.  Most people get caught up for the week on Friday; I’m lucky enough to be able to get […]

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So About that Penn State Cover-up

I just wanted to take a quick moment to talk about the Penn State sexual abuse scandal.  I’ve read people’s Tweets and Facebook comments, as well as news reports and editorials.   I’m going to keep this brief, because if you’re an intelligent adult with an actual brain then you probably already agree with the firing of […]

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Obligatory 11/1/11 Post

I just took nearly 3.5 hours to complete an incredibly difficult test and I can actually feel my brain swelling inside of skull and feel the pounding of my brain-pulse as my body tries to let go of some of the tension from thinking so much.  That said, I’m not sure this blog is going […]

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5am meh

Yeah so last night, I stayed up an extra half hour to blog to hope that made me feel better enough to fall asleep and of course, the Internet died in my apartment just as I was ready to hit publish, so that sucked. It’s now 5:45am and I woke up at 5am, couldn’t fall […]

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Karma and venting and all that jazz

Man, I’m beat.  Lately, it seems that no matter what I do, I’m just exhausted, both mentally and physically.  Mentally, I understand because I’m working full time, going to school three nights a week, and then coming home and trying to worry about things like budgeting, cleaning, homework, studying, etc.  Physically, I think I’m exhausted […]

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Land of the Rude

I have a rant that I need to get it off my chest. People. Are. So. Damn. Rude. I spend a lot of my days on the phone with a variety of different people.  I would say that literally 75% of the people I talk with on the phone each day will hang up the phone call […]

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Cold Friday

It’s freezing in Raleigh today! It’s going to be cold tomorrow too, but that’s okay.  I did manage to get up at 5:30am yesterday morning and not only went to pilates but I also went for a run right after class was over, before I went to work.  Go me!  Of course, I negated everything […]

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